Thrive Patient Care Portal (Chartlink)

Sweetwater Hospital Association has transitioned to the newest version of Chartlink named Thrive Patient Care Portal.
This new version of Chartlink will require you to install the CWRunner application. Follow the Download Instructions, then
Setup Instructions below to install 
the CWRunner application and log into Chartlink:

Download Instructions :

1. Click here and you will see a prompt at the bottom of your browser to either save or run the file. The prompt may take a few seconds to appear.
Choose RUN:


2. You may see a User Account Control window popup. If you see this window, click the Yes button:

3. In the first window that appears, click the NEXT button:


4. In the next window that appears, in the HIS Server IP Address field, type (all lower case)
In the TTY field, type 000. (3 zeros). Do not make any further changes to this window. Click the INSTALL button:


5. When the installer finishes, click the CLOSE button:


You will now see an icon on your desktop, CPSI Clientware:


Double click the icon. You will see the launcher window open. Proceed to the SETUP INSTRUCTIONS below:


1.   In the Session field, enter Chartlink  
2.   If the Default box is checked, uncheck it. 
3.   In the Host field type if it is not already there.
4.   Click on the Application field and select Thrive Patient Care Portal.
5.   Click the Save button. This will save the profile for future use.

To Log In:
6.  In the User field, enter your provider ID. In the Password field, enter your Password.
7.  Click the Connect button and you will be connected to Chartlink 5.
8.  In future sessions, just select the Chartlink Session at the top of the window when you launch Clientware to log into  the Patient Care Portal.