Welcome, Dr. James! Sweetwater Hospital’s New Internal Medicine Physician!

Sweetwater Hospital Association and its Board of Directors are Proud to Announce the Appointment of Laurence James, MD, Internal Medicine, to their Medical Staff

Dr. Laurence James


Sweetwater Hospital Association and its Board of Directors are proud to announce the appointment of Laurence James, MD, Internal Medicine, as a member of their medical staff.

Having grown up in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. James was excited about the opportunity to travel outside the northeast for medical school.  He was accepted to and attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.  Upon moving to Nashville, Dr. James realized he had never seen so much green space coming from the “concrete jungle.”  Dr. James soon discovered he enjoyed many outdoor activities, such as hiking, in the warmer climate of the south. 

Dr. James completed his residency in June of 2018 at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and returned to the south where he will practice Internal Medicine at Sweetwater Hospital Association.

Dr. James looks forward to helping members of our community and building relationships that will last a lifetime. 

APPOINTMENT LINE:  865-213-8595