As many hospitals around the region are reaching for the future, Sweetwater Hospital Association is already making huge strides in meeting and positioning itself for the future’s healthcare demands. Sweetwater Hospital Association takes pride in partnering with a highly qualified medical staff and a commitment to providing the most advanced technology in the region. Sweetwater Hospital Association’s commitment to patients does not stop at the idea of commitment, but is illustrated through the continued growth of the hospital facilities, technology and the personal growth of the employees.

Sweetwater Hospital Association’s continued growth has been seen outwardly for the past few years by watching the hill side community hospital transpose itself into a modern regional facility. In the last five years, Sweetwater Hospital Association has constructed a new sixteen bed state-of-the-art emergency room, new operating rooms and materials management area. Within the next year, the hospital will complete a new main entrance, laboratory, imaging center and administrative addition. In the planning stages, Sweetwater Hospital Association will be adding a new professional office building to expand office space for physicians, which will complete the renovation of the existing buildings currently on campus. Several million dollars have been invested in providing a modern, comfortable and safe environment for the patients in this region. Nevertheless, the investments don’t stop there; healthcare technology continues to be added to provide advanced services at a local level.

As technology continues to evolve, Sweetwater Hospital Association continues to acquire the technologies that provide the most benefits for patients. To the surprise of many, technology offered at Sweetwater Hospital Association is equivalent or more advanced than the technology offered at much larger facilities in the region. The hospital offers full field digital mammography along with advanced MRI capabilities to aid in the early detection of breast cancer, which is the highest standard of care. Sweetwater Hospital Association was also one of the first facilities in the region to offer cardiac CT scans with its 64-slice CT scanner. The cardiac CT aids in the detection of heart vessel blockages without doing a heart catherization. In addition, the hospital has recently added many new information technologies to meet new federal regulations, which has added many new patient safety features. In the last year, Sweetwater Hospital implemented a new emergency room information system, computerized physician order entry, voice activated transcription, and a physician medical practice information system. Many hospital’s are struggling to meet these new federal guidelines, however Sweetwater Hospital will be attesting this year with federal government in meeting all the new standards being required.

With growth and high-end technology, it requires a highly qualified medical staff, nursing staff, support staff, and administrative team to have the vision and skills to bring to fruition what has been accomplished. Physicians at Sweetwater Hospital Association are board certified and have been trained at some of the nation’s most prestigious health care facilities. To complement the medical staff, Sweetwater Hospital Association has invested millions in employee education providing pathways to healthcare careers. Many of the 475 employees have taken advantage of the education program, which in turn, means better people delivering better care to patients.

Sweetwater Hospital Association is committed to offering the best care at all levels during the patient’s visit or stay. To learn more about the medical staff and Sweetwater Hospital Association, please visit Sweetwater Hospital Association on the web at

Joe Anderson, MHA